Taking calls and updating customers: an important part of the job. But wouldn’t it be great if your customers were more self-sufficient? TOPdesk’s Self-Service Portal is a knowledge base, web shop and customer portal – all in one. It helps your customers quickly find what they need, and minimizes their frustration. But above all: it reduces the repetitive calls to your service desk, giving you time for the work you truly enjoy doing.

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Increased availability, increased transparency

Your IT staff might not always be at their desks, waiting to take calls. But with the Self-Service Portal, this isn’t a problem. Customers can register their own incidents whenever they run into a problem, no operator required. Thanks to quick links on the SSP homepage, incident tracking is made extremely easy.

One-stop shop for all your customers’ needs

Customers using the Self-Service Portal can see immediately what’s on offer. Whether they want to register an incident, reserve a room, register a visitor or request a service: big, clear buttons guide them to the information they need. Thanks to permissions you can determine exactly what each individual user can see and do, making it easy to deliver personalized service.

Automatic answers – no effort necessary

Automatic answers – no effort necessary

Build your own portal

We’re giving you a toolbox to create your own Self-Service Portal. You can publish forms, services, knowledge items, news items and more to your portal – and even determine the order thanks to the handy drag-and-drop functionality. Moreover, the easy search functionality lets users find all the information they need.

Beautiful editor

Don’t like the TOPdesk colours? No problem. The Self-Service Portal is fully customizable, helping you create a simple, familiar interface for your customers. The WYSIWYG editor helps you adjust your portal’s look and feel to match your corporate identity – no coding required. Easily change colours, add images and logos, and include descriptions.

Automatic answers – no effort necessary

Automatic answers – no effort necessary

Show your value

Do your customers know what you can do for them? TOPdesk’s self-service portal is an easy way to display your department’s services and products. You can add an image and description, helping customers understand exactly what they’re requesting. What’s more, you can create custom forms for all your services, ensuring your customers give you exactly the information you need.

Share valuable information

So your customers can register their own questions. But did you know they can answer them too? Our Knowledge Base makes it easy to share important information. From FAQs to manuals, you can empower your users to help themselves – freeing up even more time for your operators.

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