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Finding the best tool for customers

Centric is an automation specialist with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Switzerland. The organization is active in consultancy, IT solutions, software engineering and trainings, among others. With over 5,500 employees, Centric supports organizations in the construction industry, trade, government sector, financial services, and industry.

“Centric’s customers are organizations that often outsource their automation processes to us,” explains Jean-Paul Sorée, solution architect at Centric. “We wanted to start working with a service management solution, because some of our customers did not have a tool of their own. I noticed other customers were using TOPdesk and it left me with a good first impression. The software is very accessible and flexible.” Centric now trains their consultants to implement TOPdesk at customers. “Centric is increasingly responsible for all call management and its support with a service management application. We recommend TOPdesk to organizations that do not have a tool yet.”

Easy to use with lots of features

“Our experience with TOPdesk as an organization is very positive,” says Sorée. “It is an out-of-the-box tool that can do almost everything when it comes to service management. The implementation itself is straightforward. Users find it convenient that they can change the language settings. New users need no to little training to work with the tool.”

Strong linking options

It is an out-of-the-box tool that can do almost everything when it comes to service management.

Jean-Paul Sorée himself is also satisfied with TOPdesk: “I believe the linking system is a strong point; you can link the correct service levels to the Call cards. The operator’s workflow is also well thought-out. TOPdesk strictly follows the service process and ensures you can directly click through to what you want to see. It is a very logical tool.”

Great support from TOPdesk

Besides supporting external customers, Centric also supports their own employees with TOPdesk. The implementation of TOPdesk Enterprise for the Internal Automation department was carefully prepared. “We created a step-by-step plan with a TOPdesk consultant,” says Sorée. “We decided that we would spend the entire first period on technical management and that functional management would follow. This made it easier for us to implement the tool.”



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